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01-30-2010, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by Tamek View Post
Dunno, you're the one attacking me. I've asked you a very simple question now.

Do you know the answer? On what date since headstart began has Cryptic managed to keep their product available for 24 hours in a row?
I dunno -- You keep reiterating the SAME statement over and over. Read back. I wasn't the one targetting you for your statement of it being down; I was the one pointing out your claim to math being significantly flawed. I then simply moved to the fact that no MMO launch has been smooth -- Even ****, which had been launched in Korea for almost a year prior, still crashed and had some very rough spots.

Again, you seem to forget JUST HOW BAD other launches were. Stellar bad. How about SWG, who people couldn't get in AT ALL for well over a week (And people still walked into the buggiest game at launch). How about the fail called WoW-Launch?

All you can dwell on 'OMG! IT'S BEEN DOWN FOR 3 DAYS! 3 DAYS!' a) Hasn't even launched officially; b) According to server time, it's STILL saturday (Don't care if you're in Russia, Germany, etc., c) STILL headstart. Launch is TUESDAY. And d) By any math, it is not 3 days. Plain, simple. YES, it has been down for over 1/4 of the time since it officially launched headstart.

You know? You kinda remind me of the fake head Arnold wears in Total Recall. 'Two weeks! TWOOOOO WEEEKS!' (And yes, I believe that it will be a minimum of two weeks before it stabilizes, and yes, I strongly believe that with your mind level, you'll be saying it too.)