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Okay people, lets face it - whilst most of the game itself is at least in somewhat of state that could be launched with, the servers are just not going to cut it. Even with the beta crew and headstart people, the servers are just not up to the task. Now come Feb 2nd when you multiply the player population ten-fold, the servers....well who knows what will happen, maybe they'll melt down completely and be constantly crashing.

Having just one open server so everybody essentially is playing together isn't working at least not during peak hours anyway, it might be time to make actually 'servers' and restrict the population on each server. Otherwise, come Tuesday I think the people cancelling their pre-orders will be the last thing you guys will have to worry about. Its worse by having dodgy servers, but even the log-in/account server has crashed countless times too.

As for the headstart, its pretty obvious there is alot of discontent among the ranks. Sure, its common knowledge betas and pre-launch games have their fair share of problems, but these are very serious issues, far serious than most other launch games have suffered from, player accessibility is paramount, nothing worse than having a valuable IP product but providing very little access to it because of excessive downtime and unexpected downtime because obviously people are going to leave.

Hardcore and Fanbois are not enough to keep an MMo or MoG going for long, its time to invest more resources, I bet a lot of people who are currently in the headstart/beta are most likely thinking about cancelling their pre-order. And people saying that other MMo launches had bad starts doesn't matter, thats the past - this is the present and what counts now, is at the very least accessibility to the game, otherwise honestly how can you be expected to pay for something that barely works? Its like buying a brand new car with 100,000+ mile engine under the hood...

The problem Cryptic has, its way past the point to delay the launch of STo, but its obvious...its not ready for launch in this capacity. What will happen come Feb 2nd? We'll have to see but if this product launches without some really drastic chances, I expect it to get ripped apart and highly criticized.