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# 1 Exchange - Clogging
01-31-2010, 12:09 AM
The Exchange has a bunch of 1000 priced items that are only worth 20 or so. These overpriced items are 'clogging' my screen when I'm searching for a bargia.

(And a "bargain" is defined as something that a player could buy from a vendor for X, or sell to a vendor for Y, but is priced between X and Y. I.e. A 541 item tha would be sold to a vendor for 220 is being offered for 320.)

I think the Exchange concept hasn't been thought through.

And for the "Vendors" are all Starfleet personell supposed to be psychic? How about a label of what they sell or a simple mouseover. But to have to click on them and do a dialogue screen? Am I wrong in saying that we should know at a glance what they are selling by giving them a shop name instead of having to do lots of clicks to get there?

Spending all your time as a newbie trying to find who sells what is disruptive to gameplay.