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Hello fellow trekkers,

I would like to join a fleet however in past experiences on other MMOs I have usually found gossip groups and foul mouths and childish morons rather than a good group of friends to enjoy the game with.

Things I'm looking for in a fleet:
- Mature people who realize this is only a game and are here to have fun.
- Ventrilo or teamspeak offered with mature people only. (I have children and do not want to them hearing constant profanity from my fleet mates through the voip)
- Friendly and courteous fleet mates.
- I live in EST time zone and would like to join a fleet that plays during prime time EST.
- Willing to help the little guy. I often help new players that I don't even know, I would like to join a fleet that also does this.
- I am not looking for a large fleet 5-10 or at most 20 people is ideal.

Things I offer to a fleet:
- I am an active player. I play almost every day for at least a few hours.
- I'm a star trek fan
- I am always willing to help if asked.
- I stand by my word and don't manipulate people.
- I currently have a 1 year subscription.
- I have played many MMOs and have given them all up for STO.

If you feel your fleet is what I am looking for let me know.

Happy trekking!