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Server stability and login issues... It's pretty much a given, regardless of whether you're happy about it or not... probably leaning more towards the "NOT", but hey... What can I say? Hmm... The part that puzzles me is why, if and when an issue is notice, discovered, located, created, or otherwise caused by the proverbial "Cat knocking the coffee cup onto the hardware" scenario.... why there isn't a running post from the STO staff regarding said problems and announcing potential action being taken to correct said problem.

Nothing makes any given gamer more annoyed than the mysterious hocus pocus mumbo jumbo hibbidy dibbidy than being left in the dark like a blind man groping for his glasses in the middle of a busy eight lane highway. Hmmm... Alright... I guess I should get to the point, eh, besides wasting time waiting for the login server to fetch my character like the good golden retriever it was trained to be...

Please, for the love of the Great I Am... Let us know what's going on, how you're going to fix it, how long it possibly may take, and when it's been resolved... A simple Locked to the Public section or thread that only the staffers can post in would be grand... though I personally would think that the off handed interaction between the poster and the customer would be potentially riotous... Blame it on my sense of humor... I think word playing dry sarcastic witty banter is good for the soul... it helps allow for venting pent up anger issues and it's almost like having a digital therapist... without the need for your insurance company to get involved in and decline later on for some obscure "pre-existing" condition....

Right... I'm done... *pulls out his tail and starts chasing it around in a circle*