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01-31-2010, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by kaylol View Post
I made a thread yesterday about this, but shifting through page after page of threads is fail, there is no search (!) and searching for posts made by you is only allowed by admins (!!)

Anyway, are people still having issues with the GameStop preorder not giving access to head start? Still waiting on a reply from the support team. 24 hours for them must be a lot longer than it is for me! Considering cancelling preorder and buying with someone else. There have been some issues with certain retailers; what is a good one which works?

Wtb simple and easy ways to give my money away.
I'm using the gamestop preorder... but to be honest, I wish i went with the walmart preorder instead. The walmart one give extra bonus exp where as the gamestop gives the constitution class ship as your first one... Saddly, I'm almost LTC so the constitution class ship doesn't matter much now...