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# 1 autofire crybabies
01-30-2010, 11:20 PM
This topic is all I heard today in general chat. All these people wanting autofire. I mean how lazy can you get? Do you want to just push a single button and your ship do everything? How about an autoplay feature, that way you dont even have to touch the keyboard.

This game would be so much more boring with autofire. You want star trek to be more real but then you dont want to play like its real. Imagine if the TV show had Worf at Tactical and just a big red easy button on his console so he just presses it once and the ship keeps shooting the bad guys while nobody needs to go repair shields or any other damage as that one button does everything. That show wouldnt last long. Stop crying just because you guys suck at playing without the autofire feature. Learn to play without it, the game is more realistic that way.