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01-30-2010, 11:21 PM
Full time employed adult here.

I've been playing online games for 15 years and have been employed for all 15 of them. The thing people forget about MMOs is that they're always there (unless, you know, they're cancelled). You can keep coming back to them and work at improving your character at the rate you want. There's really no rush. Go do something else til it's back.

Mind you, I've had times where I've been jealous of the 18-20 year old college students who can play 14-16 hour days and not worry about paying rent or buying food, but I'm past that and nothing really I can do about it. I have the occasional marathon weekend but really, I tend to get headaches after staring at the screen so long.

Besides, I'm too old to live on nothing but Cheetos and Redbulls.