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01-30-2010, 11:25 PM
The game doesn't launch until Feb 2nd. 30-day included subscription time, paid subscription time; ANY subscription time doesn't start until the 2nd (or later if you enter your retail code a few days later). Pre-launch time is THEIR time, not yours, and not mine; time spent to do EXACTLY what's being done (find problems, stress the resources, discover the surprises that can't be found without thousands of people banging on the pipes.) Before Feb 2nd, complaining like this is more telling about the complainer, and less about the product at hand.

And guess what, more **** is gonna happen after Feb 2nd, too, cause this isn't an FPS, this isn't an RTS; this is an MMO, and comparisons to any games in other genre launches are foolish at best, and downright stupid at their worst. MMOs by necessity of their nature come into this world in struggle and a little bit of chaos, because the only way you can test what happens when thousands of people run amok in the new microverse you've created is to let thousands of people into it, and just like Alpha stresses are outmatched by Beta stresses, Live stresses will likely exceed those of Beta, causing a whole new slew of issues.

This is what launching an MMO with an existing and popular IP is. To expect anything else is again, either naive at best, or just silly and stupid at worst.