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01-30-2010, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by khre.Riov View Post
Building software is complex, but this is the only industry where severe defects are shrugged off like that.
Name me an industry where ALL software is PERFECT form DAY 1, where NOTHING EVER goes wrong.

You don't know the first ****ing thing about software development in any industry.

Originally Posted by khre.Riov View Post
I used to work in gaming too, long time ago. Place called Kesmai, before I went into medical software (and they got devoured by Origins then EA and gutted).
Wow, KESMAI? So, you worked in the game industry, what.... 20 years ago? Before the public even knew what the Internet was? When you were programming for 8-bit computers? Yeah, I can definitely see how your experience is relative to MMORPGs released in 2010. Hint: We have 3D now!!