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01-30-2010, 11:28 PM
Originally Posted by mister_bitters
Really, have you never seen a launch before? Do you even understand how computers work or what stress a server cluster undergoes during the opening days of a launch? No one likes it, but whining about it doesn't do anything. The reality is that so far the head start hasn't been all that bad. When WoW started out, it was down far more often than it was up. As I recall, it crashed within a couple of hours of starting up and then went down several more times those first few days. Blizzard had to issue free time left and right because the game was never up. So far Cryptic has done a pretty decent job. If you don't want to deal with the shake out cruise, don't join the fun until a month or two has past. The lessons learned from Cryptics previous games are evident in how well this one is going so far.
I remember the first week of WoW's launch myself. Not the headstart, the ACTUAL launch week. I got to level 10 or 15, I forget exactly how far I pushed during the first two days or so. After that, we couldn't level. Literally, the lag was so bad that combat was impossible so.. we fished. Yes, that's right, the first week of WoW was spent with my friends fishing because it was the only activity we could do together that didn't lag out completely.

So, I have to agree with the sentiments here. Yah, the headstart is a bit rough so far with the servers dropping out completely, but when they are up I don't have problems with lag or the inability to complete missions or quests. Heck, even when my cable internet was down for unrelated issues, and I had to use mobile broadband I could still combat klingon bird of preys effectively that I didn't worry about dying. Now that my cable internet is back up, it's just even easier to devastate a single shield side.