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01-30-2010, 11:31 PM
Yeah, Cryptic better be careful. I remember one MMORPG that launched so badly, the company had to bring all their spare hardware online in the first week. Login queues numbered in the thousands, lag was atrocious, entire zones would rubberband to death. You'd be wandering around a zone, and everything would just start disappearing, until finally you were left with empty countryside followed by a "server disconnect" message.

Was horrible.

Just think how successful World of ******** could have been without all those launch problems.

As I understand it, as heavily instanced as things are, they can easily expand the "server" capacity by adding more nodes to support more instances. The login server, however, seems to be killing them.

And just to be pedantic, even the "login server" is almost certainly a large cluster of computers.

They'll sort it out fairly quickly.