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01-31-2010, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by QuantumForce
Well then, bloke, do it. And you are being rather dense about the "paid" part of things. Preordering dished out the perk of headstart so quit belaboring that point. You didn't pay a single shilling for headstart.
O.K. child you seem to be a little "slow" so I will help you...

Quantity Game Title Platform Delivery Method Price

Star Trek Online Deluxe Edition - Digital Download PC
Download $54.99 Remove
Star Trek Online - Preorder PC
Download $5.00 Remove

Extended Download Service What is EDS? Download $3.95 Remove

That is from the Atari order website - THEY CHARGED ME $5 FOR THE PREORDER. Go to the website yourself child and see here is the link:

P.S. Next time think before you run your mouth...