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01-30-2010, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by SULUFAN View Post
Honestly though, they are probably on the phone with Blizzard trying to get a handle on how to handle an MMO successfully.
It's worth noting that WoW wasn't stable for a long time after it went live. It's stable now, 5 years after the fact. Back then, not so much.

As to the original question: It depends. There isn't just a single server that has to be dealt with. They are actually a cluster of quite a few servers and a lot of other junk. I used to work on a cluster that would take 3 hours to reboot. And that was only shut down and restart. If they are having to dive into code, add new machines to the cluster, replace hardware, or any number of other things, it really could take a while. Give it some time, this is the shake out cruise and no star ship ever left space dock without something going wrong. That's why they call it a shake out cruise.