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01-31-2010, 12:34 AM
Science ships took a 10% nerf to shields and hull at the end of OP, they are still the premier shield tanks as they still have 10% more shielding than any other class and can actually turn offering much better regen rates and survivability than a comparable cruiser.

Cruisers were intended to hull tank.... it doesn't work as torps are far to strong for anything to really hull tank.
At T2 and 3 its not as big a deal, but once you hit T4 and have to endure the Galaxy classes abysmal turning rate of 5... and you can no longer turn to use your torps, you can't turn your ship to offer up a stronger shield so that the other sides can recharge... than its a different story.

The T2 Cruiser is utter garbage as anything it can do the Science Vessel can do better.
T3 seems to be a fairly strong point in the game for the Cruiser, but still struggles with the incoming damage.
T4 is by far the worst of it Cruiser wise as the Galaxy is so slow, takes a full 61 seconds to complete a 360 degree turn, that it becomes a complete and utter chore to play.
You slow your teammates down, your loot despawns, you accidently aggro additional groups due to your massive turn radius, and you are unable to quickly respond to situations that would require you to actually play the game.

Can't speak for T5 as I haven't been there yet, but I have heard similar stories.