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01-30-2010, 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by khre.Riov View Post
Thank God they keep people like Pantoflard in games instead of anything important. T Hats a crappy attitude. Building software is complex, but this is the only industry where severe defects are shrugged off like that. Its a crappy attitude to take, and you must not have much pride in your work if garbage like this is acceptable to you. I used to work in gaming too, long time ago. Place called Kesmai, before I went into medical software (and they got devoured by Origins then EA and gutted).
actually... no matter how much quality control u do, problems will always be found, especially with different hardware configurations, different drivers, different OS's and how many different combinations of before mentioned it is statistical. look at toyota, look at manufacturing recalls, look at any industry and u will find they have had to fix things after release. the airline industry builds a plane and look at how much they test it and still recalls are made for defects. this is because 10 millions uses will statistically find more error of more varying natures than 1 thousand. it is called law of averages.

It isn't that they don't have pride in their work, or they don't care.

WOW maybe a great and stable game, but they constantly find new bugs and issues, including catastrophic ones that require an outage (or cause) and they fix it cause they have pride and do care.