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During the Open Beta one patch changed disruptor damage type to no longer have the -10% resistances proc show in the tooltip. And phasers now seem to have the chance to reduce all systems power (i assume that is what "apply xyz offline mode" means.)

So now phaser and disruptor have the same dps and damage in some cases however disruptor does nothing and phaser can reduce the targets power systems.

Are there any plans to improve disruptor or is it just a display error and disruptor is the same as it was before?

Secondly as the skill tree's progress the damage types change. Are phasers and disruptor available in mark X gear? If it is then whats the reason for spending skill points in multiple damage types and spending more skill points in the later tiers of damage types to gain the same bonus in disruptor for less skill points (200 each instead of 300/400/500).

Are the additional effects of the higher tier damage types significant enough to make it worth using them over the lower tier damage's?