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5. Efficiency

Just what does +5 Engine / Shield / Energy / Aux Efficiency actually do?

.. just some of the questions which make my head go all blank. I wasn't able to play enough Open Beta to really work out what they do (not that i've ever been that great on working out game mechanics or such. lolz).
As the rest were covered sufficiently, I wanted to add a little more here.

They give bonuses to those four skills specifically which open up at Lt Cmdr. The Efficiency line of skills function similar to the "Warp Core Training" and Warp Core Theorist. Yes, it does increase the related skills that Engineering Bridge Officers give out, however, it also has the effect of increasing your EPS levels.

Just as an example, those that took Warp Core Theorist get +10 to their Warp Core Training skill, with that skill max'd out they get +18 so they have +28 to it. The effect in game is that EPS that are set to 50 become 53, and those set to 25 become 32. That is, a bonus of +3 Power to anything at 50, and a bonus of +7 Power to anything set at 25.

Efficiency will increase those bonuses further. The +5 to all four Efficiencies does not seem to be enough to make a difference relative to the +28 one can get with Warp Core Theorist and level 9 Warp Core Training. (I skipped Efficient, and a friend took Efficient. We both have the same level of Warp Core Training, and the Warp Core Theorist skill and our EPS values are the same). With that said, it may have more of an effect once you start training the Efficiency line of skills than someone that lacks the Efficient trait. I unfortunately have not seen any hard numbers like I have with the Warp Core skill. Just for reference, I forget the exact value but I think without Warp Core Theorist the power levels are +2 at 50 and +5 at 25 with level 9 Warp Core Training. There's another post around that is much more detailed on it's effects.

Oh, forgot to mention one thing. The Efficiency line only kicks in for Power Settings under 60. Performance line of these are for Power Settings above 60. I read that a maxed out Weapons Performance skill will generate +10 extra Power. Which means setting Weapons to 100 makes it 110 before any gear is applied, give them an escort and they're at 120 and then they just need a +5 Weapons Power Console to hit the 'cap' of 125 Power Rating.