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Professionally I'm a software developer for a large, well-known company. I'm not bragging, just setting up context for my concern. I understand the full life cycle software design process, I understand deployment and configuration issues, and so on and so forth.The idea of a "head start" is great on Cryptic's part and I applaud it. There's been a lot about their beta process and end of development considerations that I find refreshing (and have even mentioned at the office to several other senior devs like myself re: "we should try this for our next releases..."). So, here's my concern:

If there's server/authentication/connection issues now, when the game servers aren't operating anywhere near capacity (at least I hope not near max capacity), how will Cryptic be able to deal with the substantial increase in load over the next several weeks as non-early adopters begin creating accounts and logging in?

As I said above, I applaud Cryptic for creating a great game and really giving us a heaping helping of the game before it's officially released, but I have to wonder if they're really going to be able to handle the load and capacity that's coming. I'm sure that they'll adapt and over the next few weeks and months we won't see these issues, but for right now I think it's a pretty valid concern.