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01-30-2010, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by Rotton View Post
Well I set my space bar to my nifty nostomoe game pad .... so I just tap it and all weapons fire....takes the need for me to have more than one front or back gun on auto.... but I guess ya can just get auto-it and write a macro, ( I assume you knew space bar fires everything available) But um,,,,, Uh huh

Leagal disclaimer
( not trying to be condensending, just forum hopping while server is down)
The point being that not everyone owns a macro capable keyboard or has the knowledge to create macros.

Personally I have been using AutoHotKey to macro the weapons firing.. however just because I have a solution does not mean I dont or wont support the need for NATIVE Auto Fire.

Its something the game needs, its a no brainer and the ONLY reason I can think for the devs to not include it is because they had intentions of moving STO to the XBOX 360 and wanted the game to "feel more involved" on the console by having the A Button fire all energy weapons, X fire torpedoes, etc.. Auto Fire on the console would have made the game feel like it plays itself.

However on a PC, NOT having Auto Fire is just wrong.