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01-30-2010, 11:46 PM
Originally Posted by Ahmun
I hope you do not expect a reply. They are too busy replacing the dead hamster in the server, it's the third one today!
I really don't expect a reply. My hope is that someone over at Cryptic reads it and gives it a brief thought. That's all.

Originally Posted by PISTOLcm View Post
"If there's server/authentication/connection issues now, when the game servers aren't operating anywhere near capacity (at least I hope not near max capacity), how will Cryptic be able to deal with the substantial increase in load over the next several weeks as non-early adopters begin creating accounts and logging in?"

The whole point of this Open Beta, leading into Head Start, was to insure the smoothest possible experience come Feb 2nd. I'm sure they are collecting a lot of valuable data, and that's something you must respect as a fellow Dev. If there's one thing you can't have enough of, it's info on how to better your product.
Technically the "Head Start" is a post-beta event. While they'll always be gathering metrics about what's going on with players/servers/load capacity/etc., they are technically in "live" mode. At least, if they adhere to the Agile or RUP processes (or some similar full life cycle derivative) they're in "live" stage.