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01-30-2010, 11:49 PM
The Star Trek universe isn't just set to one time period, or one generation. Star Trek has begun many things in it's name's history. Beginning with the original. The original was something of a forerunner for it's time, it had the first interracial kiss, the first Asian person on television (i think). The original broke so many rules for the TV community. We then move on to the next generation. The show bridged two different eras, uniting family's in a time when family was on the decline. I could go on but my knowledge end's there.

At any rate, Star Trek Online is going to be a forerunner for mmorpgs. My anticipations for the game are hudge, the pre-orders alone a massive let alone when the game actually releases and the wow kids get their hands on it. Who cares about a little bit of down time int he beginning? Yes, it is really frustrating but there is hope! We have the dedicated members of cryptic working to solve the problem as we speak. I can't imagine what affect this game has had on the family's of the cryptic employee's, the countless hours fixing bugs and patching this and patching that, programming this then reprogramming it again.

I agree, it sucks that the servers are down but can we really blame them for wanting to get an hour of sleep? Can we really say that the game is a failure based on the first two days of a pre-release? I don't think so. I believe that the servers will come back up and all will be good. Bugs are to be expected, the only thing they can do is keep their phones on and trust the community to understand their position. That's exactally what I'm doing, looking at it from their perspective. Could they have done things differently? I think not based on the fact that they didn't expect the massive amount of people that pre-ordered after the head start had begun plus all of the people that had already participated int he open and closed beta. So I ask again, can we blame them? I say no, we can't.

Love you for the game cryptic, keep at it, and plan a family vacation in a few months.