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01-31-2010, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by Dash_no_Chris View Post
Instead of having the costume/tailor Rank dropdown options list as:

why not just have 2 settings: NONE or YES? Select "none" and no pips are displayed. Select "yes" and the number of pips appropriate to your current rank are displayed *automatically*. The ability for an admiral to go about wearing an ensign pip is a little silly, isn't it? Similarly, instead of making each Rank unlock a title, how 'bout a Choose Title option of "current rank" that would automatically display the toon's current Rank as their title?

Well, there is the question of the RP element involved in wearing lower ranks/titles. Some RP fleets may wish to have their members wear an internal rank, based on their level within their fleet, etc. So I can see the reason why it would be an available option.