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01-31-2010, 12:52 AM
Originally Posted by Tsiatas
Alright, my gameplay was ruined by a server crash, which is something related from in game. And how foolish of you to post a thread like this, and then act suprised at the negative responses to your thread. You realize these people can't use a product they paid for? Nobody can play atm, so of course these boards are going to be crawling with people complaining, and not just in the tech forum. Stop acting surprised.

I am not surprised at all. Stop reading what you want to believe. I darn well knew there would be an uproar from people who just don't care for the general ease of finding forum-relevant discussions.

Alas, Dawn said it best: "The Oppressed Love the Oppressors and Cannot Wait to Follow Their Example." Therefore I concede from your "discussion" on this.