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01-30-2010, 11:52 PM
Please remember that Blizzard does not release Open Betas of WoW products. They release Press Demos and call them Open Betas. My wife has been in a few of their Closed Betas, and I can tell you that they have their share of issues.

Having said that, STO REALLY could have used at least one more week of INTENSE server load testing and stability fixing. Customers tend to be pretty understanding of delays, especially when it results in a better product AND they have a relatively easy way to try the product for free before it is released.

As for the reason in decline, publishing houses (Atari) and IP holders (CBS) seem to push releases before they are ready. They always have in the game world. This is because they are run by marketing departments, not rational thought.

Later, we'll have a proctologist show us where sales projections come from.