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01-30-2010, 11:52 PM
Not bad, just remember there's only two types of heroes, lucky and dead. Stay together and don't panic, to many times have I seen feds go into panic mode after the initial attack just to be cut down one by one.

Only one thing you missed OP, we can shoot them no matter where they are located to our ship. However it's with the turrent, if it's still equipped by the captain. Of course it's a low dps weapon something around 70 or so, not likely to destroy you in any way.

Lastly feds don't be scared to get into the fight, IMO when I see a fed ship sitting away from the fight not moving and just firing into the crowd of ships you are painting a target on yourself. Odds are you're gonna have one or two BoP that might have died in the swirl come up on you. Your group will be dealing with the swirling BoP and you off on the outside will be left to the mercy of the BoP pilots and odds are they'll not have any for you.