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I have not played Klingon in Headstart yet so I may be ahead of myself here.

In OB when you leveled up a Klingon character all you got was a Klingon sounding voice saying "Qa'Pla"

Thats cool and all but may I suggest, if possible without copyright infringement, getting the voice piece from DS9 of Gowron saying "Honor to you, and your house."

He says it in that badass Gowron voice, and he is handing out awards and medals to people as he says it so it would be an appropriate thing to say. And if it can't be Gowron then have whoever does the Qa'pla voice over say the line.'

What sucks is I can't remember what DS9 episode that was.

EDIT: I said Martok, I meant Gowron. Got my Klingon characters mixed up.