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01-30-2010, 11:53 PM
I posted this back in OB to help alleviate the immediate "need" for autofiring, I'm posting it again to help some peeps out.

Go to: and download Auto Hot Key, Install it, and start it up.

Copy and Paste this script into its default script;

;-------------START COPY--------------
keywait, Capslock
If GetKeyState("Capslock", "T")
SetTimer, AutoFire, 500
SetTimer, AutoFire, Off

Send {Space}
;-------------END COPY--------------

One you have that script in place, right click on the Auto Hot Key icon in your task bar and choose "Reload This Script".

Enter the game and Press your caplock key. You will notice that Capslock is now FLASHING on your keyboard, that means the macro is active and should be pressing the spacebar once every half second, firing ALL your beam weapons for you.

To turn it off, press Capslock again.. and you cease firing.