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01-30-2010, 11:58 PM
Originally Posted by Moonphase View Post
....And people saying that other MMo launches had bad starts doesn't matter, thats the past - this is the present and what counts now, is at the very least accessibility to the game, otherwise honestly how can you be expected to pay for something that barely works?
And yet these other MMOs seem to have survived? The downtime really sucks but given that this kind of thing seems so common, people probably need to come to peace with it. I am sure if Cryptic did not have monetary constraints like the rest of the world does, then they would have a million servers servicing the game. Unfortunately things don't work like that and they probably have some accountants on the top floor telling them how much can be spent on the various aspects of the MMORPG they have created. I somehow doubt those accountants read these forums.

I do wonder how they would calculate things though. Think about it. Lets say you had $1 million to spend on making an mmorpg. You need to budget for development, marketing, hardware infrastructure... how much do you allocate for each? If you allocate all the money for infrastructure, you will have great servers but a crap game. If you invest it all in marketing, the game would definitely be a flop. I wonder if they work out that by spending x amount on infrastructure they will lose y amount of subscribers however the service will be good enough to retain z number of subscribers and the game will be profitable? I wonder how they schedule investment into new infrastructure (servers) upon having 1. enough money/profit and 2. enough demand from a growing subscriber base?

I wonder a lot of things, as above, but I think you can see my point- there are more stakeholders in the game than just the gamers (unfortunately). Of course it will be bad for the game if there is a lot of downtime. Of course we as the gamer want the most for our money, and so we should. But we have to be realistic about our expectations and not jump up and down like 5 year olds because Mum or Dad can't afford that toy right now.

And besides, if you can't handle it... just leave? We'll see if the corporate fat cat accountant got his calculations correct.