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01-31-2010, 01:01 AM
Since the last poster mentioned Eve , I mentioned to a friend that STO is one server like Eve, but divided into instances with certain things. This got him interested after watching me play for a couple hours, but then I went on to mention all the unexpected downtime and to wait a couple weeks after launch to get the game. I logged on to Eve during the last downtime where there were 50k+ accounts logged on, did a few missions, did some mining with 5-6 people, and there were no problems, no lag, no disconnect. Granted Eve has been around since 2003, but I would think Cryptic would have known how to create a stable server with a MMO that, according to my friend, is much less complex than Eve. I couldn't understand all the technical jargon he was spouting off, but kinda disappointed now of all these problems Cryptic is having.

Are these problems expected for a new MMO, YES!! Should the frequency of these problems be expected at the official launch? I really hope not. I love Star Trek, grew up with it, and spent the money to be a lifetime member. I really hope I don't reget it.