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01-31-2010, 01:07 AM
actually the wow launch was crap. Alot of WoW's original code was leaked during closed beta so there was so much exploiting in WoW even to this day. If you doubt me watch some you tub videos people like to make them of there sploits just to rub Blizzards face in it. Only difference in WOW is you currently have a gigantic population so it hides a great deal of what is happening in the game.

Case in point as far as innovation, game play, risk reward etc WoW is the big mac that thinks its prime rib.

I too started with UO and have noticed MMO's really started to take a dive with and hold on to your hats...WoW. It became the McDonalds of the industry using some pretty underhanded tactics (free life time subs for EQ guild leaders if your guild was big enough and you brough all or most to wow just for an example) and now keeps allot of games off the market cause where they have innovated is there ****ing legal department which has actually put 5 mmo's down before they even saw market.

True enough though that publishers are driving very cookie cutter standards cause they want that huge paycheck and basically just copy what they did. Unfortunately most publishers dont copy what blizzard did right which is a modern mass marketing campaign and a devotion to drop bales of cash on capital infrastructure.

Now all that asside looking at STO it has potential the developers have shown some real brains in some of the decisions they have made (setting it beyond the last move....right there smarter than everyone at Lucas Arts and SOE combined) and how they have responded to some of the issues that have come up. Its to early to tell if this game will be a keeper or a flop most MMO's have rocky launches (WoW, EQ2, Vanguard, ***, SWG, etc etc etc) but it depends on where the developers take it in the next few months.

1. How much and how fast will new content come out.
2. Can they expand the game world to large even epic sizes (EQ or Vanguard.)
3. Can they strike a balance with listening to the community for betterment of the game and not letting the communities petty ****ing and moaning rip the game apart (see the death of SWG they actually did what the *****ers wanted at least in the first 6 months and it killed the game)
4. Can they maintain a strong relationship with the community after rocky patches like the launch
5. Will they let STO slip into obscurity or better yet will Atari actually do something to move the product off the shelves?

Lots of questions for the next 3 months should be interesting to see how they get answered.