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01-31-2010, 12:11 AM
Another useful skill for repairing hulls damage is is the Science BOff's Hazard Emitters (unless I'm misremembering the name). Repairing hull damage is its secondary effect. the Primary effect is to remove DoTs from your ship and the tertiary effect is a nice bonus resistance to all damage types. A ship's resistance values apply to both the hull and the shields.

I've been testing out this BOff power with my Federation character all day. With the T1 Captain's skill (Starship Operations iirc) maxed out, Console - Science - Halon Systems MK II (+7.5 Hazard Systems) and a MK Deflector Dish that has as high a + to Emitters that I could find, this skill was giving me a 22.9% resistance to all damage types for 14 seconds, as well as repairing a few thousand hull points.

This is even better once you hit T2. The hull repair portion almost doubled. T2 is when you'll start seeing enemies in both PvE (Romulans) and PvP (Klingon Players) using Plasma weapons. All plasma weapons have a chance to apply a DoT that will eat through your hull and shields fairly well.

The other bonus of this skill, is if you take a Science ship in T2 to have a 2nd Science BOff that runs tractor beams, they both benefit from the same Deflector Dish and I believe the same T1 and T2 Captain's skills (Starship Operations and Starship Emitters).

Oh and the Engineer BOff's Polarize Hull Plating to ward off enemy tractor beams, is also a Hazard system skill, meaning those Halon consoles boost it too.

No matter what skills you want to use for your BOffs, once you've assigned them a station, go to space and open your powers window (press P). Click the skill in that listing and it'll give you a lot more details than it does from the skill training window. Such as which Captain's skills, Consoles types etc will boost it. If the Captains' skill says something like Emitters, Deflector Field, etc, then look for Deflector Arrays that boost those Captain's Skills.

The descriptions on consoles and deflectors is telling you which Captain's Skill (on the Captain's Status page in the Space Combat section at the bottom) they boost, with the exception of +xx power to weapon/shield/engine/hull and +yy resistance to zz damage type, which are either listed on the ship's stats or show in the power bar.

I hope this helps to maximize the potential of your characters and ships so you're well prepared when it comes time to putting Meat's advice to work.