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01-31-2010, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by Rikaelus View Post
Honestly we don't need one. Anyone who doesn't foresee these kind of problems is very ignorant of the complexity of the technologies involved, how those technology interact, and how unpredictable elements can reveal themselves under ever-increasing loads.

Do you have any idea how many rockets NASA shot off before they got them working just right? Rooms full of the world's smartest people and - *gasp* - they couldn't predict everything and get things correct right out the door.
Same old excuse, are we going to be saying the same thing in 50 years time too...

Cryptic should have enough experience developing and launching MMO's now that these kind of issues can be identified and fixed quickly, whilst also communicating with its player base.

Turbine are the perfect example of a company who's MMO launches are close to perfect... I don't remember LOTRO having any huge issues at launch.