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01-31-2010, 12:15 AM
Because I don't get much enjoyment pounding scrubs into the ground...

Often times at the start of a map.. we want you to go to impulse before we pounce,, This is because -
When you impulse, Aux/Wep/Shields become drained by a percentage each second, thus if I can pull you out of impulse by putting you in combat, I have a very solid chance of melting your shields before you realize what is going on, so long as you have been impulsing for about 6 seconds. The only reason to impulse on the arena maps is to get to the center quickly, and that's for the sole purpose of when you die, you can get back quicker no matter where you spawn. Personally I would rather just fly there under normal speeds and keep my Power up while the klingons sit in stealth and debate their kill order.

*note* Impulse does NOT drop all your power to 0. It is dependent on the amount of time you impulse. So don't be afraid to use it for positioning. Getting to the fight with 80/110 weapons power vs taking 10 seconds to get their with full power.. Getting rounds on target is the better option.

When you stealth the only power drain comes from shields, which are instantly dropped. This is the reason personally why I would use Torpedo's over Mines in t2 and above. With 0 shields the kenetic damage will hit with full force, and the torpedo's do not lose a lock despite battle cloak (t2 + BoP's)

A common tactic is to have your tank decloak first and pop a shield battery. Just be aware that we probably WANT you to be hitting him, which in a game of chess isn't your best option. Hit him first, wait for some CD's to be popped and focus someone who's using Rapid Fire Cannons, they likey are tac and used their buffs while stealthed, thus should be your focus.

Balance your shield faces. Its painfully obvious who has a clue and who doesn't by the amount of damage they take.. constantly balancing your shields while under fire will increase your Estimated Hit Points, as regen from faces which arent taking damage will get balanced with the face that is taking the brunt.

Science/Engineering Team:
The best skills ever. Use them, Use them Often, Use them even if the friendly doesn't need the entire bonus as the %resistance buffs really can keep someone alive quite well. And for all that is holy, don't be stingy with them.

Focus fire, can't be said enough.. you should literally NEVER be unloading on a person solo.. you're doing it wrong. Click on a group member and fire, it will switch to his target.. and pay attention to target of target, as you can activate your Engi/Sci team without detargeting the hostile and land the ability on their target. This doesn't mean that you can't from time to time just fire at who you want.. if you see an obvious tac in a raptor/bop unleashing a rapid fire salvo.. switch. Just have faith that your team mates have enough sense to do the same. This is where vent comes in handy.

Group up:
Vent and a Group of Players who level together through pvp (which is quite fun) is the most important factor in winning or losing.. even if you can only get 2 other people to que with you.. It is a huge advantage. Talk about how you are specing, figure out tactics, get BO's that compliment each other.