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01-31-2010, 01:16 AM
Originally Posted by meemaamuu
I saw this forum and thought a British fleet woudl be great, I live in the UK, play games and like ST.

I'm new to MMO and a beginner at STO (like everyone, I've played the beta and it looks cool, I prefer playing in teams, it's more fun... so I came looking...

The forum seems to be more about Rank, who has Command, who the subordinates are and a huge list of pecking orders... its' a real turn off to new gamers... couldn't you write more about why the Britannian fleet is good? why should someone choose it over another? There are loads of people in here, so there must be good/enjoyable aspects... isn't that why everyone plays - to enjoy it?


There is more, I just had to get the thread back up fast. But you should join the fleet, you will have a lot of fun and help.

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fancy seeing me here guys?
Yeah how have you been??