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01-31-2010, 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by Nashie
Checkout Jumpgate Evolution. I think the devs truely love their product and will not release it till its ready.

It was set to release last Feb, but the feedback was so poor the deveopler scrapped it and redesigned parts of it. The first jumpgate did not release till it "was ready". Like a year of closed beta and 4-5 months of open beta. It released bug free for the most part.

Yah, after playing STO for 2 weeks I'm think it was no where near ready for release. I think they should of delayed much longer for development. What was it? 18 months in development!? Thats not very much time at all.

I'm definitely giving Jumpgate Evolution a closer look now. Maybe it will have a more engrossing storyline than the typical combat away missions that are pumped out over and over by STO.