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01-31-2010, 12:23 AM
Originally Posted by Tsiatas
No, mine wasnt. Let me explain, a 'flame bait' is an original post, the start of a thread, designed to entice others into replying for the purpose of having a pointless argument. A respone to an OP cannot be considered a flame bait, as it was not the originating post.
I am sorry, I honestly do not believe nor was I intending on Flame Baiting anyone with my original post. I merely felt I had just as much right to complain about my displeasure as others do about theirs. As well, you are incorrect in my opinion. My opinion I base off of me having been a forum admin and moderator for several years in the past. Flame Baits can appear anywhere in a forum, whether as an original post or as a reply to an original post.

Never the less, I apologize any any flame baiting that you feel I may have lured you into. This was not my intent in the slightest. As well, on that note, flame baits can also be unintentional so I agree, I may as well be at fault here.