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In order of favorite to least favorite, which shows had the best crews? Which group did you enjoy watching more?

1) Star Trek Enterprise - despite what others feel, I LOVED this group of explorers. From Trip (one of the BEST characters ever written in Star Trek) to Malcolm Reed (a jittery armory officer, isn't he?), from Hoshi Sato (one of the sexiest and smartest com officers we've seen!) to Travis Mayweather (who's story I really enjoyed, from his background on a Warp 2 Freighter and everything he's learned in life), from Phlox (the BEST doctor I've had the pleasure of watching on a Star Trek show) to T'Pol (a Vulcan who can't help but be drawn into the human experience). I loved this crew and was sad to see their journey end a few years earlier then it should have.

2) The Next Generation - While I must say I liked MORE of the characters in Deep Space Nine (3rd place), I liked specific characters in TNG an awful lot, enough to bump this above DS9. I didn't care for Deanna Troy, I actually thought she was rather boring and annoying. I didn't care too much for Doctor Beverly Crusher and actually liked Doctor Pulaski more. I thought Wesley was annoying but a decent character. I was never drawn to Worf during "the early seasons" but as his character developed and they started doing more with the Klingons he was fleshed out and became more enjoyable. I REALLY liked Tasha Yar but we all know what happened there. Geordie... I couldn't quite put a finger on it but there was something I liked about the guy. I guess it was because he was a nice guy, and you know what they sometimes say about nice guys! lol But finally we reach the reason TNG is in 2nd place. Data and Riker. These two characters were awesome - Riker was one of the best "Number Ones" in any show, totally kicking sand in Chakotay's face, and Data - well, Data is one of my favorite characters in Star Trek. I had always hoped they would do another series with Data being the Captain of his own starship, instead they did a few movies and the actor complained about being too old.

3) Deep Space 9 - Lots of great characters, from Odo to Kira to Jake, there's almost too many great supporting characters to mention them all! Doctor Bashir, Miles O'Brien, even Quark (despite my dislike of the Ferengi and the Nagus in particular)! Deep Space Nine had tons and tons of great supporting characters, and this is what nabs it the #3 spot. Like I said, it would have taken #2 if not for the strong character appeal of Data, Riker and a few others in TNG.

4) The Original Series - I love all of the characters, but I never thought they were as fleshed out as they could have been. Maybe because it's the original, but to me the crew ranks average.

5) Voyager - Please don't make me go here, please. I hate almost every character in this show. One stereotype after another, from a Black Vulcan to an American Indian first officer, to an Asian Ensign, to a troublemaking caucasian, to THE WORST ALIEN EVER CREATED FOR STAR TREK (Nelix), to ANOTHER alien with a terrible, terrible wig on her head (Kes). At least we have the Doctor and B'lanna Torres who are decent, and I actually like Tom Paris. From what I've heard the show gets better after the Borg start showing up and Seven of Nine joins the crew, but I think I blocked all of that out. I'll eventually re-watch the show - but yeah. HORRIBLE crew. The two chicks I did like in the crew turned out A) dead after the ship was tossed into the Delta Quadrant and B) a Traitor who was pretending to be Bajoran. Go figure.

Ok, so your turn - how would you rank the crews of the TV shows? NOT the Captains, the crews!