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# 1 Servers Run By Soe Or What!?
01-31-2010, 12:30 AM
This server is taking the p*ss now seriously.

Yesterday (GMT) we lost almost 2hrs server maintenance time in the middle of the day!
fair play, we need the maintenance but to then have the server go down for like 12hrs or
more & counting still, it's a f**king joke!

I can accept some downtime for maintenance & some unscheduled but this is a record
NOT EVEN SOE left us with this sort of downtime & their servers sucked big!

We paid for early access & yet were loosing valuable time, i work all week & im loosing
precious gaming time, which i value dearly, it may be sad but there we go.

why only one server anyway!? obviously gonna cause more issues, plus the maintenance
will always be in the middle of someones primetime gaming due to timezones

Why not have a USA server & an EU server (or is that to easy!?)