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01-31-2010, 12:33 AM
Originally Posted by tatovive View Post
Watching the issues as we went from closed to open beta. Now with the "head start." Oh man, i'm getting a bad feeling about the server loads and what not on Tuesday. I think I need to take at least a week off. It's gonna get real frustrating next week.
no way.. i want a live webcam feed of the servers (hooked up with other computers, and website, and even internet connection). so that way when the floodgates fully open i can watch the servers burst into flame... it will be so grand.

Originally Posted by pibe250
Server is down because they want us to live our lives with our family insteed playing MMOs. Good guys
i actually played a f2p mmo that once every 14 hours kicked you off 4 hours and would not let you log back in, and to eat/sleep/spend time with others was the reason.

on another note.. it would be cool to have updates. but you never know.. it is sunday morning.. maybe the person(s) who would actually do the post have the day off, and monkey boy they left to watch the servers is not allowed to post.