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01-31-2010, 01:35 AM
Originally Posted by Skeetr View Post
I am not trying to defend Cryptic or anyone else involved in the creation of this game. But here is how I see it. The problems that are causing these crashes may not have shown up in beta. Some crashes during beta were solved. I truly believe that these are different problems.

I have purchased a one year subscription to the game. That is all the money I am out so far. I have yet to pay for the game itself and as far as I know...noone has actually been charged any money. The money will be taken when the game is released which is Feb 1 year subscription actually wont even start until 30 days AFTER Feb 2nd.

Saying many people are getting fed up and angry is really an assumption on your part. There probably are a few people that are getting angry, but I wouldnt say its many people.

We have no way to know how cryptic is putting their servers online. We can only speculate and to be honest, your opinion of how its happening is really just that....your opinion.

The downfal of ALL software is that it goes to market LONG before it should. If you dont believe it, then I guess you have never heard of Microsoft.

BTW Modern Warfare 2 was put out on PS3 and for a month people couldnt play online because of problems with Playstations Servers.

Sorry for the long post....but I had to.

Your nit picking what i said.

Many isnt a number?.

Yes what I say is not fact or based on reliable information.

And how many people returned Modern Warfare 2?

If you want to argue with me PM me.