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01-31-2010, 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by SpaceCowboy42
Are you forgetting what this is?

This is STAR TREK ONLINE just about the nerdliest nerdy thing a nerd could ever nerd out of this nerdhole... you are going to get TONS of immature negative antisocial behavior for no reason and it's going to be constant and unending.

How Cryptic deals with nerdular nerdance is going to be the fate of their PR.
You might be surprised at just who plays stuff like this.
I am a far cry from what you might consider a nerd. The things I've done, and the things I am involved in would make most "normal" people jealous. Fact is people are not the 2 dimensional characters they often seem in movies and on TV.
Yes, I like nerdy scifi and anime... but I also like motorcycles, firearms, extreme sports, and alternative relationships.
If you want to see how I measure on your nerd-stick, I'll take that challenge.