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01-31-2010, 02:03 AM
Betazoid is the most useless race in STO anyways. They are supposed to be some of the most prolific mind readers in the galaxy, and their empathy extends to even the most alien intelects, but in STO they just suck.

Telepathy aparently translates into the exact same bonus as having acute senses. So basicly being able to read your opponents mind is no more valuable than having a good set of eyes? That doesn't make any sense!

The Empathy bonus is the absolute worst though. First of all, who needs aggro reduction in STO? Ever? Even if that was a good bonus, what good would it do in PvP?
But the thing that really makes empathetic just horrible is that the regeneration aura doesn't even work while you're in combat. It boosts out of combat regeneration only. What a load of shat. I mean what good does that do anyone? The regeneration out of combat is extremely fast, and you get a tiny bonus to it. I suppose that the 0.05 bonus is supposed to be 5%, but come on? What does that save me? Half a second after the fight is done?

So basicly Betazoids are crap.

Telepathy is a pretty meager bonus and empathy is just absolute garbage. They get no additional Betazoid traits either, and what's worst, the biggest advantage of being a Betazoid should be that you know how your crew feels at all times, or in combat you could read their mind so they don't have to verbally communicate with you, but you get absolutely no space bonuses.