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01-31-2010, 01:05 AM
Originally Posted by MikeF View Post
If they told us why the servers were down, they would probably have some liability issues in terms of actually refunding people for the downtime. I mean its unacceptable at this rate. I love the game, and I can't even play it.

World of ******** (not as much anymore, I've noticed) used to have a LOT of problems with servers going down. They weren't about to give refunds, and neither will Cryptic. To think that telling us what's going on will somehow obligate them to do that is wishful thinking.

That being said, Cryptic, this is for you:

I don't care if the server is going to be down for six hours due to an emergency hardware refit... What I think is unacceptable is the lack of communication on your part when something untoward is going on. When I log into a ******** server, I get a message from Blizzard on the login screen telling me what's going on, what they're doing to fix it, and roughly how long they THINK it will take. Sometimes these time estimates are dead-on. Sometimes they have to come back and update the message telling me it's gonna be an extra hour.

Now, with YOUR game I'm having to try to log in, wait to see if I can, and if I can't go on a personal quest to find out why. The 'Server Up' green light can't always be trusted, apparently (as it was green with this last outtage), and the little flag at the top of the website isn't much better (says it's up when client says it's down).

I don't feel I have a right to complain, or threaten to sue, or anything like that over downtime. What I DO feel I deserve as a customer and a fan is to be kept informed as to any issues or problems currently being addressed. I noticed some 'server down' messages from Cryptic on the login client during Beta... But yesterday and today the servers went down and I had to spend 30-45 mins hunting down a reason to make sure it wasn't a problem on MY end. On the login client window, a simple "Dear Customer, we're aware of the problems you're having logging in and we're working on it right now." would go a long, long, long, long way.

I don't care if the server goes down, I work from home on a remote server login and sometimes these things happen.