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01-31-2010, 01:17 AM
Originally Posted by mcl View Post
7. I cheated. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea for a year before I came here. The most damage you will do to me is when your warp core explodes unless I am on my Good Day To Die -- Space mission. This is basically the same game as POTBS but MUCH simpler. Don't believe me? As David Hunt who Cryptic hired him away from at the next meet and greet.

8. If you still think Fed PvP is hard go to POTBS and play French or Spanish with no fleet. You will return here happy to do almost anything.

The Spanish really hated me, when I was British, during Beta. I became quite infamous in PvP during that beta. First from defeating a 104 with a Cutter, then again when 2 of us beat about 17 Spanish Cerberus frigates with Valiants when those ships were first added. We had a lot of really good port battles by the end of Beta. I just couldn't afford to continue playing for more than a few months after launch.

While I became Infamous in PvP, I also became famous for the Production Cost Analysis spreadsheet that laid out the entire crafting system in a format that was easy for everyone to understand. I even got my name in the credits.

Yes the PvP here is a lot simpler, overall. Yet it is still fairly complex in terms of the number of possible skill combination you can use or face on the battlefield.

David is a pretty cool guy. I got to meet and hang out with him and several others on that dev team, at the Austin Game Developers' Conference shortly before the PotBS launch.