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01-31-2010, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by Okiwawa
To be clear (for the benefit of flamers and trolls): I think the game is fun. I want to play the game more. However simple observation of uptime over the last 48 hours indicates that there are still issues with server uptime.

Many people work for a living (unbelievable I know) and when they get home after a hard 9-6 or when have free time at the weekend (even more unbelievable if they have kids) they expect to have access to the service they're paying for. During open beta we all (well, most of us) made allowances for downtime, because we knew things weren't finished and playing was a special (free) privilege. However, its not beta or free anymore.

It isn't realistic to expect all the problems to be fixed, but I'm thinking the only thing that will convince people like me not to cancel their pre-orders (on an unprecedented scale) is a promise from Cryptic that downtime during February will be compensated in some way. 1 day of free game time for every 12 hours of accumulated downtime for example.

If you agree with my sentiments then add your /signed here and maybe someone at Cryptic will take note. Alternatively set your phasers to barely literate flame and try and get me before I'm swept away by the inevitable stampede of forum trolls.
Right bhind you and what about the Steam problem also I am stell downloading the Client from Cryptic and it is slow I am 55% and that is after hmm 10 hours so I will get one maby two days of head start. if that.