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01-31-2010, 01:32 AM
Originally Posted by mordiaky View Post
Oh I am sorry for posting this in the Star Trek Online > Star Trek Online Forums > Feedback > General Gameplay part of the forums, because the word Feedback would not be the place to post feedback? Just tell us how you would do it?

and second did i say lets go on a rampage and cry over every little thing and start using words like wtf, sue cryptic, or any thing like this? because I remember writing it and I am sure i did not say to say these things.

and if my post troubles you so much picking on people who try to brown nose and try to act like nothing is wrong with the game. then i hit the nail on the head. I flushed you out. You are the type of person who this post is for. I hope it hurt when you read it, I hope you got ****ed reading it. because you are the type who makes games like this fail!
Haha and i was right about you too. For all these years i have been playing MMO i still have to make a nerd rage post like you. I guess i am just patient? which is very lacking these days with fast food generation. No sorry i don't want to participate in your rally against Cryptic. Thanks for invite though.

I know things are not perfect but i don't believe in the kind of feedback you are supporting.