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01-31-2010, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by Guian View Post

The remaining headstart period should be flagged for double xp. This would go a long way to placate those of us who have been denied the ability to play the game. This would go a long way to rebuild some of the enthusiasm of the player base.

And please address the lack of communication on these outages. I know its the weekend, but we are t- minus 2 days to launch. Good busniess sense would be to have a team on duty during the off hours to address issues. Just toss us a bone, and let us know.

Take 30 seconds and say "Yeah (sigh) the server is down. We are on it. "

Some communication is better than none.
Nevermind the fact the game is too easy as is and this game doesn't use XP but... Do you want to see Admirals by friday?

There are already people playing every waking moment [when the servers up ]. We're going to see some high level players soon enough. This would only make the problem worse.

If anything, we should ask for something silly to show we made it through the headache of headstart. A suit made of tribbles. I'll take that. How about as special race preset.