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2 x 4870 on Vista Ultimate 64, ccc10.1 - Please post your card setup, ccc version and operating system.

2D control panels, (chat, options etc) are all clear and have no issues.

Imagine these screens flashing between each other in fractions of a second...

I have tried every setting I can see in both ccc 9.12 and 10.1. I have tried other solutions that were posted on these forums with no luck. I have checked the card temps and they are fine, (usually between 40-50c). I have also tried both versions of ccc with crossfire on and off.

I have included screenshots as well as a title that is easy to understand and describes the problem. This issue has been posted before but without a title or description that is easy to search for or understand. Hopefully this may help others in the future when we find a solution...