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I really liked what you said N8frog. I quit WoW over a year ago because I got so tired of the childish behavior in the 3 different guilds I belonged to over several years. The flame wars between members, constant cursing where I couldn't play through my speakers because of my young son in the house, the refusal to help the "lowly" new members with low-level quests/raids, complete obsession with gold/artifacts/etc. instead of fun, and people just generally behaving like horses-behinds ruined it for me. I don't want to always play solo...heck, when I first started MMORPG's playing UO in it's second year my favorite part of the game was playing with others...the community of good people having a ROFL-good-time helping each other ROCKED. I really miss that and I would LOVE to get in with a good group of people in STO to do that again.

So anyone looking for a fun-loving, mature (45-year-old as of this coming Friday) yet wisecracking goofball who lives in the Central timezone (but will play late into the night at times), PLEASE drop me a note in a reply or PM me and I would love to join your Fleet/Guild.

Thanks for reading and "May the Force Be With You"...oops...I mean..."Live Long and Prosper"!!